CIO-Level IT Consulting

Leverage the experience and knowledge of our expert technology consultants to gain maximum returns on your IT investment

Is your IT strategy yielding the results you expect from your investment?

CMIT Solutions of Northern Virginia provides virtual CIO-Level IT Consulting so you can enjoy the advantages of advanced technology and avoid costly mistakes from purchasing the wrong solutions or duplicating resources.

We’ll customize a strategic IT roadmap for your organization based on your business practices and empower you with solutions that boost the efficiency of your operations.

With recommendations from CMIT Solutions of Northern Virginia, rest assured your investment in technology will provide favorable returns.

CMIT Solutions of Northern Virginia creates customized CIO-Level IT Consulting strategies with:

  • Technology planning – our knowledgeable technicians identify the weak spots or gaps in your systems to develop a customized IT solution for your specific technology problem
  • Technology implementation – through strategic planning and vendor partnerships, we deliver the right IT plan for your company, empowering you with solutions that meet your business demands
  • IT supervision – we recommend, implement and maintain customized security strategies to protect your business from manmade and natural disasters

Our technicians create a cohesive, secure, and lasting IT strategy for your business.

Cyber Security

Safeguard your critical business assets from complex security threats with a robust security infrastructure that not only protects your data and network, but also enhances your business operations.

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Guardian Backup & Disaster Recovery

Be well-prepared to maintain resilience during a major disaster with best-practice strategies that save your data and business.

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Cloud Services

Enable your company to be nimble, productive, and cost-effective by moving your day-to-day processes to a cloud platform that fits your business.

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CMIT Voice Phone Systems

Upgrade to the best VoIP solution for small- and medium-sized businesses and get reliable, top-quality voice service with higher cost savings.

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