I wanted to express my appreciation for your response to our recent IT issue. All of us here at Living Trust Attorney Ltd. greatly appreciated the speed with which you notified us that our server was down and how quickly you showed up at the office to fix the issue. Since my first child was born two weeks earlier and I had been out of the office, your service was all the more crucial. A couple things I want to point out:

Terry, you emailed my personal and work account to let me know the server was offline and asking for my response. Because I was busy helping my wife with our newborn, I did not see your email until several hours later. In the meantime, you sent Adam over to the office anyway. Adam quickly found the bad switch and rerouted the Ethernet cables so that our system was up and running within 15 minutes of his arrival. Without the advance notice of CMIT's monitoring system and your quick response, our office would have been out of commission for at least a day. Fifteen minutes is much better than a day. So thank you!

Living Trust Attorney Ltd.

With other IT service providers, we felt that we only got assistance when we requested it, and we normally came up with any ideas for improvements on our system rather than them. I was not impressed with the service, the communication or the end product at that point. Our experience has really set CMIT and Sue and John who run the show for them here apart from the others. They are more attentive, more accessible, more knowledgeable.

Hansen, McConnell & Pellegrini

Since partnering with CMIT, I can now not worry about whether or not my computers are working. I've got backups, monitoring, I can get reports, and I know where I'm having risks and threats. I now can rely on my IT people (CMIT) to take care of my IT problems and to keep that IT system up and running in an appropriate manner. That is something before I couldn't rely on. I now have a system!

General Manager
Lake Stevens Sewer District

CMIT is all about peace of mind, and literally, it doesn't cost you anything because you are saving the money on me working on the computer when I'm losing business. In today's economy, you don't want to be late sending bills out, you've got to be out there because if you start falling behind you're going to see the amount of income drop dramatically. So, Greg and CMIT make us look more professional to our listeners and to the people we also do business with. That is what I'm very happy about.

General Manager
WTBQ Radio

I can't think of any business issues we've had that [CMIT hasn't] been able to cover. I think they probably have provided above and beyond service to what I would have expected, and I think I made a comment to them about a year ago that I felt like we weren't paying them enough.

The service that CMIT is providing us and the level of oversight over all of our systems and new technology - it gives us a real sense of confidence that we're handling all of our outside data appropriately and our systems are reliable.

Vice President
Colchester Partners

We didn’t initiate offsite backups in the beginning, but with the start of the hurricane season we said, 'OK guys, we now have this wonderful system, but it's not really complete yet.' We're now able to back up our data, it's safely transported and stored offsite, and it’s all HIPAA compliant. And the NAS device can actually work as our server so we can continue to use our systems and do procedures even if the whole system goes down.

Space Coast Endoscopy Center

If we had some kind of earthquake or something here, which we certainly had our fair share of over the last year, it would have been quite devastating particularly on the technical side where all of our customer records and accounting information is. It would have been quite a devastating loss. Now, because of CMIT Solutions, we're in a position to be able to rebound from that within about 24 hours.

Via Seating

CMIT has provided us with a system that allows us to access our data, and we can actually look at it and see that that data is there. It's a fantastic system! It allows us to get focused on the things that we need to focus on instead of worrying about our data and computer systems. We're able to move forward with our company projects and things that we need to do.

Business Manager
Terrace Supply Company

Whereas our systems were originally only getting backed up on a monthly basis, CMIT was able to come in and now they are automatically backed up to the server. We had a center in the DFW area that did lose everything. They made a phone call to CMIT, and CMIT was able to restore their data within a couple of hours. We’re monitored on a 24/7 basis, so even if there was something that were to happen during the weekend or after hours, we just don’t even worry about it. It’s not something we go to bed at night worrying about our system going down, or whatever, because we know that it’s being monitored by CMIT and it’s being taken care of immediately.

VP Operations
Children's Lighthouse

CMIT dealt with my local backup needs so that if I just need to get one specific piece of information, they can actually do it remotely from their office and get my people back and going. If I do have a catastrophic disaster that takes my entire building, I have laptops and everything else that I can have up immediately. I can use my web-based information storage and be back up and running within minutes.

President & CEO
Spencer Building Maintenance

Jeremy and CMIT offer the best of both worlds. Jeremy is a real person, he has a name, and we know him. He's a guy you can actually talk to. This is not some anonymous off-shore help desk. By the same token, Jeremy has the national reach of CMIT to back him up. He has the ability to do off-site monitoring of your system. We have a very consumer oriented company, and we expect personalized service. Jeremy delivers that, and it shows the power of CMIT. He also understands our business and that is important. He took the time to learn who DMA is and what we do for a living and sort of tailored a solution for us. I'm not sure any of the big companies could establish that personal connection.

Development Manager
Development Management Associates

CMIT is helping us "mint" more money. CMIT came on board with all new computers on May 24th. After they installed the computers, it was an overnight success. The very next day after the computers were installed, we saw a 20% spike in sales. In June, we still saw a big increase, and the reason why that increase is there is thanks to CMIT.

I called my call-center manager and I asked her what was happening with call volume. She said they are able to take so many more calls per day it's not even funny. If a customer is on hold for too long, they will go to another site. I was losing a ton of business there. Before CMIT, agents were having to sit for 30 seconds at a time to load one page. So, CMIT is not only making my staff look better because they are able to get faster answers and they are not having to delay and indicate that maybe they aren't an expert on the question being asked, but they are getting more calls a lot faster. And their morale is up! I asked my manager, on a scale of 1-100, how much of a difference is CMIT making since we started working with them? Her answer was 99 out of 100. Everything has improved as a result of this. Everything.

Alcatraz Media

[You can expect to] find an organization that is genuinely interested in becoming a business partner to a CFO’s business. I think they have very professional employees on staff who understand the issues of technology that must be addressed when configuring somebody’s network. They also have individuals who aren’t so tech savvy that they are not able to speak to the normal user of a computer. They know the technology, but they can address our employees in a way that they are not using a lot of technology speak. They are speaking in terms that other people understand and can address those problems without a lot of frustration.

Horan and McConaty Funeral Services

The way CMIT does business is just much more suitable for our type of business environment. We have deadlines and critical schedules to meet, and we need to be moving forward at all times. CMIT provides data on a monthly basis, which allows us to look at trends and be proactive with our decisions and our methods for improving our system. Every time my system improves, that means my efficiency improves, and it means that I am able to serve my customers better.

VP Operations
Tel-Instrument Electronics

We get so busy around here that a lot of times no news is good news. Since we started working with CMIT Solutions, I'm not getting people running in saying "hey, this broke down" [...] I'm getting a lot of fewer complaints about spam, and we haven't had to deal with our email breaking down the way it used to. We now know where to go for things and that is CMIT Solutions.

Wenk Insurance Agency

When CMIT and Armando came in, he explained to me what files to look for in data backups and he showed me that they are being backed up not only on our internal systems but on external systems. We have a lot of internal backup systems, but if there is a flood or the hurricane which occurred here last tax season, a lot of accounting firms got washed out. They lost a lot of their records and their computers, and if it wasn't for the offsite backups, and we encourage all of our clients to have backups, we would have been completely lost. CMIT has made those backups possible.

Managing Partner
Schoenfeld, Mendelsohn, Goldfarb LLC

Before CMIT, we were in such a fog to just survive the day that we couldn't really move forward and be as effective as we needed to be. We needed to get out of that environment, and CMIT helped us get out of that environment. It is almost as if they put a bubble around us to protect us and make us more effective.

Transportation Manager
Unified Consultants Group

If someone chooses CMIT for an outsourced IT company, they are really going to find someone who has a personal relationship with their business; that they try to understand the culture of their client’s business and do their work to that standard. We are not just paying them to fix things, we are really working together to improve our business, and they were able to help us create a vision for where we need to go with our infrastructure.

IT Operations Manager
Horan and McConaty Funeral Services

We pride ourselves that we are the company that gives instant customer service. We were getting to a point where it was extremely difficult, and we didn't want to lose our customer base. We wanted to also expand. I said, 'I need somebody to do something to allow us to be the company that we started out to be and to continue and to grow.' CMIT has helped us to do just that.

President & CEO
Summit Management Specialists

So at one point in history, your backup may be reliable and up-to-date, but with the information being so critical and with it changing literally thousands of times a day, having that backup through the Guardian system, almost a minute-by-minute backup, makes me feel very confident that the information, if we ever had a disaster here, if we had a fire, a tornado, or something of that disastrous nature, that we wouldn’t lose much information.

Loesel-Schaaf Insurance Agency

Guardian protects us if our server is stolen or breaks down or has some malfunction that actually halts business. The BDR can serve as an interim server. It can actually replace the server that we have now, so, therefore, we don’t have any down time; we can just come in and resume business as if nothing had ever happened.

Operations Director
Atlanta Land Group

o what Jim (CMIT) did was he came in and he evaluated our system, worked with it for a short period of time, and then made a recommendation. And of course the recommendation was a bit hard to swallow because it was, “Get a real server, buy some new software, and reboot everything. Break it down – back up your data, bring it in in its components rather than as a whole so you can find where the problems are, eliminate them, and then get a serious backup system installed in it.”

And each year, it was just getting more and more money as we added computers – that it was worth biting the bullet and doing what Jim suggested. And so far, after he has done that work and we gave him the go-ahead, we’ve had zero problems.

Small Vines Viticulture

I was very scared of having anything go wrong with my computers. All my financial information for the business is on my computers, all the medical information of every patient I’ve ever taken care of is on the computers, and yes, it concerned me a lot when I thought about something crashing, or if there is a virus, or if somebody hacks into my system, what liability am I taking on. CMIT was able to explain to me in a way that I could understand what [they] could do for me and make sure that my computer would be protected. I am HIPAA compliant, I don’t have to worry about viruses, I don’t have to worry about people hacking into my systems. [They] have worked with me so that over a few month period of time I have total peace of mind now. What a relief!

Firstat Nursing Services

We use large aerial imagery that can sometimes be 30 or 40 GB in size. There would be times that I would wait 30 seconds to a minute and a half for an image to appear. CMIT Solutions helped us rehabilitate the computers on hand, put in a network infrastructure, and put in faster switches. Now, it can be instantaneous to 15 seconds for a map to load. I kind of feel like I'm spoiled!

GIS Analyst
Wright Water Engineers

For our [clinical research facility], it was better to have a preventive plan in place so that if something did break, we would be ahead of it, and it wouldn’t break instead of waiting for something to happen and then fix it. So, now CMIT is monitoring everything, and we haven’t had any issues so they can catch the problem before it even happens.

Columbus Clinical Research