HIPAA Compliance

Reduce tension and confusion in meeting demanding compliance requirements with our clear, effective and affordable regulatory compliance service.

Uncertain if you are meeting the new HIPAA and HITECH requirements? Would you like to make sure your practice or firm does? CMIT Solutions of Northern Virginia can help your practice or healthcare-related business reach HIPAA compliance easily and within budget.

Through our HIPAA Compliance service -- which includes step-by-step guidance, existing templates, and HIPAA-compliant technology partnerships -- we can help protect your business from costly penalties and safeguard your patients’ health information.

CMIT Solutions of Northern Virginia’s HIPAA Compliance helps you reach and sustain compliance with:

  • Updated Privacy and Security Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA-compliant Business Associate Agreements
  • Policies and procedures to handle the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Detailed employee training programs
  • Technical infrastructure improvements
  • Ongoing compliance management, administration and infrastructure support

Non-compliance is not an option; you could be fined up to $1.5 million. CMIT Solutions of Northern Virginia is your key to ensuring your systems are HIPAA-compliant before the deadline.

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