Top 10 QuickTips of 2019

A new year and a new decade are right around the corner. And while anticipation is high for 2020, now’s the perfect time to take a look back at 2019.

At CMIT Solutions, our QuickTips column covered it all across a busy 12 months: data breaches and cybersecurity enhancements, new tech twists and online privacy revelations alike. The following 10 topics resonated the most with readers in 2019—enjoy the retrospective before New Year’s excitement sets in.

1. 9 Ways to Protect Your Digital Identity.

With data tracking the new norm, increased vigilance is a must for anyone with a public online presence. Our most popular QuickTip of the year provides a deep dive. Read more

2. What Do New Password Guidelines Mean for Your Business?

“Memorized Secrets” over long, random pass phrases? We break new NIST guidelines down into actionable intelligence. Read more

3. How to Organize Your Desktop and Laptop for Spring.

Everybody loves a good spring cleaning tip—especially if it ends in enhanced efficiency and productivity. Read more

4. Millions Impacted by DoorDash Data Breach.

Customers, drivers, and merchants who use the popular food delivery app had their information compromised in mid 2019. Read more

5. Block Those Spam Calls Once and For All.

Are robocalls the scourge of modern life? If their recent proliferation is any indication, the answer is definitely yes. Here’s how to combat them. Read more

6. 7 Digital Tools to Help This Holiday Season.

It’s hard to strike the right balance between technology use and face-to-face family time. These tips can come in handy. Read more

7. Why Multi-Factor Authentication Matters.

This multi-step login process is critical to online security, mitigating the impact of a compromised password and offering a real measure of identity protection. Read more

8. Vishing (Yes, It's a Thing) Explained.

No word yet on whether vishing (the use of voice communications to steal private information) will be 2020’s next big trend, but it did make news in 2019. Read more

9. 4 Ways to Protect Yourself from New Google Calendar Exploit.

A new twist on the traditional cyberattack took advantage of our increasing reliance on digital calendars. Read more 

10. New Orleans Declares Cyber State of Emergency.

The message was blunt, but the lesson was clear: proper cybersecurity protection and employee training can make a difference. Read More