WannaCry Interview for Fairfax Times

Last week, the Fairfax Times interviewed me for an article about the causes and protections against the massive WannaCry ransomware attack. See the full article here:

Fairfax Times WannaCry Article

And of course – in keeping with my frequent recommendations and good security practices – don’t forget to hover over the link to make sure it is referring you to a safe site!

Can USB Drives Pose a Serious Security Threat? New Analysis Says “Yes”


We all use USB drives, handing them back and forth like digital business cards and plugging unfamiliar ones into our computer all the time. But did you know these drives often serve as prime sources of malware and viruses? It makes sense — when a jump drive or thumb drive is shared between so many different user and computers, its chances of being corrupted go up exponentially.

Russian Hackers Amass One Billion Stolen Passwords — Make Sure Yours Aren’t Next


As last week’s QuickTip pointed out, many Americans are worried about information security and the safety of their online data. For good reason, too,  news that broke last Wednesday indicates: a Russian crime ring has stockpiled the largest known collection of stolen credentials — 1.2 billion username and password combinations and 542 million unique email addresses.

Who Can You Trust with Your Information? Recent Poll Says Not Many Institutions

No technology trend has been more ubiquitous lately than online security (or the lack thereof). With major corporations, social media sites, old cell phones, and even Internet browsers getting hacked left and right, Facebook announcing ramped-up plans to sell user information, and the separation between private and public life continuing to erode, can the public be blamed for losing trust in businesses and their ability to properly handle the data we hold sacrosanct?

A Gallup poll conducted in June delivered revealing results that nearly all of us can relate to (particularly the part about how, “In an increasingly insecure world, consumers need all the data security friends they can get”):

• 37% of the public reported that their trust in the companies they regularly do business with had “decreased a little” or “a lot” over the past year.