More Semi-Weekly News

As our clients know, we enjoy the work we do (most times!) and being able to help our clients is a large part of what we enjoy the most. Through our surveys sent after each ticket or project is completed, we ask for feedback to let us know what the experience of working with our team has been like.

Here is just a sample of the comments our clients have sent in over the last few weeks.  We hope you can join us in appreciating our team who works so hard to support our clients every day!

Companywide appreciation for the win. “Over the years many different CMIT engineers and front desk staff have assisted me. EVERY encounter was positive and professional.  Your recruiting and training must be top notch!”

Bennett. “Do you understand how special it is, to set up the laptop and not need to oversee what's going on?  the trust level, you just keep raising the bar!” Keep raising it Bennett!

Chris setting the standard for the week per usual. “Chris took care of my request almost immediately. I really appreciate how quickly everyone at CMIT acts when a Help Desk request comes in, makes my life as a business owner so much easier! Thanks for the great support."

David. This response speaks for itself: "Thanks for the great support. David helped out this morning as well and rocked my socks. Y'all making it too easy to keep working and stay productive...STOP IT! 😊”

Mike. As usual, Mike’s warm welcome to new employees really makes a difference in their experience. “Mike has been extremely helpful in my on-board processing. Excellent customer service. Thank you"

Patrick was described as “amazeballs” and “extremely knowledgeable.” Our sentiments exactly.

A so-kind client sent us a team message of appreciation too: “Thank you to Mike, Chris, Cat, Terry, and Alex for all your hard work and making everything work during these hard times."

Now it's our turn again: we can't extend enough of a big and sincere thank you to our clients for their kind words and thoughtful recognition of our work.