CMIT Solutions’ Most Popular QuickTips of 2015 (Part 1)

2015 is almost a wrap. But before we dive in to the promising opportunities of 2016 and put the last 12 months behind us, let’s revisit the most popular QuickTips topics of 2015. CMIT Solutions wishes everyone a happy, safe, and productive holiday season, hopefully enjoyed with love and laughter in the company of family and friends.

How Can You Satisfy the Emerging Need for Email Encryption?

In the early days of email, excited computer users embraced the new technology because of the freedom it entailed. You could say anything you wanted about any topic, at any length, and fire away. But once the world realized that all those messages would live on in perpetuity, the need to protect the security and integrity of this most basic of all online communications became more prevalent.

5 Smart Disaster Prep Tips To Consider With Winter On The Horizon

Yes, it might be a little early to start talking about cold weather and winter storms. But with the first widespread snowfall of the season affecting the Western United States recently, and a record-breaking Indian Summer giving way to cool temperatures in the Midwest and Southeast, now is the perfect time to get your winter preparedness plans in order.

Why Protecting Your Business From Cyber Crime Is More Important Than You Think

We’ve all heard the horror stories about cyberattacks: CryptoLocker virus, spearfishing, data breaches. What do all of these nasty things have in common? They can cost businesses big money if not properly guarded against.

Here’s another reason why it’s so critical to deploy proactive IT services to protect against such crimes: if a cyber thief pilfers money from your bank account, your bank may not be obliged to replace it.