I wanted to express my appreciation for your response to our recent IT issue. All of us here at Living Trust Attorney Ltd. greatly appreciated the speed with which you notified us that our server was down and how quickly you showed up at the office to fix the issue. Since my first child was born two weeks earlier and I had been out of the office, your service was all the more crucial. A couple things I want to point out:

Terry, you emailed my personal and work account to let me know the server was offline and asking for my response. Because I was busy helping my wife with our newborn, I did not see your email until several hours later. In the meantime, you sent Adam over to the office anyway. Adam quickly found the bad switch and rerouted the Ethernet cables so that our system was up and running within 15 minutes of his arrival. Without the advance notice of CMIT's monitoring system and your quick response, our office would have been out of commission for at least a day. Fifteen minutes is much better than a day. So thank you!

David Carlson
Living Trust Attorney Ltd.