CMIT is helping us "mint" more money. CMIT came on board with all new computers on May 24th. After they installed the computers, it was an overnight success. The very next day after the computers were installed, we saw a 20% spike in sales. In June, we still saw a big increase, and the reason why that increase is there is thanks to CMIT.

I called my call-center manager and I asked her what was happening with call volume. She said they are able to take so many more calls per day it's not even funny. If a customer is on hold for too long, they will go to another site. I was losing a ton of business there. Before CMIT, agents were having to sit for 30 seconds at a time to load one page. So, CMIT is not only making my staff look better because they are able to get faster answers and they are not having to delay and indicate that maybe they aren't an expert on the question being asked, but they are getting more calls a lot faster. And their morale is up! I asked my manager, on a scale of 1-100, how much of a difference is CMIT making since we started working with them? Her answer was 99 out of 100. Everything has improved as a result of this. Everything.

Ryan Windsor
Alcatraz Media