What’s Behind the Recent Increase in Microsoft License Verification Requests?

What’s Behind the Recent Increase in Microsoft License Verification Requests?


Microsoft is not shy about nudging its business customers into the future. Whether it was the all-out blitz of last year’s death of Windows XP campaign, or this year’s ongoing effort to ease enterprises away from Windows Server 2003, the message comes across loud and clear: when Microsoft stops supporting a product, you really don’t want to be left using it.

In the last few weeks, CMIT Solutions has also started seeing an increase in compliance audits, software asset management (SAM) assessments, and license verifications to validate that businesses using Microsoft products are doing so according to the company’s rules and regulations. These audits tend to increase in Q4, which for Microsoft runs through June 30th.

Because Microsoft hires third-party companies to conduct these audits, assessments, and verifications, many businesses that receive emails like these

Microsoft Verification Request

suspect that they could be spam. With links to worksheets and vague-sounding files like the Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit, those fears are relevant, especially given the continuing proliferation of fraudulent Microsoft support calls.

But so far, it appears that these requests are real — and if there are gaps in your licenses or compliance, you could have a serious issue on your hands. Many of us (including CMIT Solutions business owners) rely on Microsoft Windows, Office, and Server for the day-to-day operations. And if those operations are affected by Microsoft’s crackdown on non-compliance, disruptions, downtime, and unexpected budget outlays may occur.

Which means the assistance of a trusted IT provider is crucial to navigating Microsoft’s assessment verification process. At CMIT Solutions, we have longstanding relationships with Microsoft and other hardware vendors and distribution parties. We understand how the process works and have experience completing it for our clients.

In addition, as the mobile and cloud explosion continues and employees keep bringing new devices online, licensing gaps can drastically increase. Don’t assume you can get by taking a casual attitude toward proper use of your Microsoft software.

If there are gaps in your compliance, CMIT Solutions can work to fill them. And if software management is becoming too big of a hassle for you, we can help.

Not sure what to do with a Microsoft license verification request? Can’t find the access key for your software? Curious about product configurations and pricing strategies for Windows, Office, or Server upgrades? Contact us today. We’re here to make technology work for your business, not against it.

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