Considering a New IT Provider? Consider These 5 Recommendations

Many of us know the feeling: a computer or laptop crashes, bringing productivity to a standstill. If you’re lucky, you have a tech-savvy friend or hard-working employee who will go the extra mile to try to keep systems in working order. Or maybe you know an IT professional who is available to diagnose problems and resolve major issues.

Video: How to Spot a Phishing Attack

In these email-dominated days, phishing attempts are a fact of life. More than half of all users who receive these fraudulent messages end up opening such emails — and many even fall for the scam.

The aim of phishing emails is to gather personal information about you, generally related to your login credentials, passwords, or finances.

Recent Severe Weather and Start of Hurricane Season Make Disaster Preparedness a Must

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins today, June 1st. But even if you don’t live along the East or Gulf Coasts, a significant outbreak of severe weather that swept through the Mountain West, Great Plains, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast just before Memorial Day brings one fact into sharp focus: businesses big and small must be prepared with backup and disaster preparedness solutions that protect data, systems, and employees.

The 3 P’s of Cybersecurity — How to Put These Basic Fundamentals to Work for Your Business

Last week, Bob Lord, Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo, headlined a panel at SXSW in Austin, TX, entitled The New Normal: User Security in an Insecure World.

Instead of focusing solely on the threats presented by this terrifying cybersecurity world we live in (see the massive Russian intelligence-directed hack on Yahoo, which compromised 500 million user accounts in 2014), Lord also presented a positive message: three crucial principles that can lead to a healthy cybersecurity environment.

10 Questions to Ask if You Want the Best IT Support for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced digital world, every business relies on solid IT support. But for companies on a budget, finding that kind of support can be difficult. Smaller IT firms often find themselves stretched too thin with break-fix work and too many clients, while bigger IT organizations are known for prioritizing their larger clients. It is possible, however, for a small to medium-sized business to get enterprise-level support worthy of a Fortune 500 company — at a price anyone can appreciate.

Fresh IT Strategies Like the Human Firewall Are Critical for Countering Cybersecurity Threats

Last week, IT security experts revealed a sharp increase in so-called “fileless” malware — device and network infections that are not readily apparent since they’re embedded directly into a computer’s actual memory. These malicious agents can quietly infiltrate data for months or even years, as more than 140 companies in 40 different countries have learned over the last two years.