Turning the Death of XP into a Positive for Your Business

Despite a recent announcement of one more year of antimalware support, Microsoft will end most support for its Windows XP operating system. If you’re still using the 13-year-old OS, this means security patches, service packs, and exploit fixes will end — and cyber criminals can renew their attacks on your now-vulnerable system.

5 Technology Lessons Learned From Our Recent Winter Weather

Our recent brutal winter weather should serve as a reminder for business owners: even the best-laid plans can be wrecked by natural and manmade disasters. Across the Mid-Atlantic and South, thousands of car accidents, at least a dozen fatalities, and untold numbers of stranded drivers and students were blindsided by the snow and ice that descended on the region.

Top 10 Reasons Why HIPAA Compliance Should Matter to You

Rather than asking, “What has changed for your business in the health care realm this year?” the better question might be, “What hasn’t changed?”

The Affordable Care Act, premium increases, existing policy cancellations, enrollment period confusion, continuing IT problems with the HealthCare.

CMIT Solutions’ Most Popular 2013 QuickTips

The New Year has come and gone.  But before 2013 is too far in the rear view mirror, we thought we’d take a look back at the most popular QuickTips topics of the last 12 months. CMIT Solutions wishes everyone a happy, safe, and productive 2014!

5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Safe from CryptoLocker Ransomware Virus
CryptoLocker, a new “ransomware” virus, began making the rounds several months ago.